The Standard Library

The standard library is a collection of functions and variables that are distributed with the Aurora programming language. These items are imported by default in every Aurora program.


Functions which do a "destructive" operation (i.e. they modify their arguments, manipulate the filesystem in a possibly destructive way, etc.) are suffixed with an exclamation mark (!). Functions which "ask" a question (i.e. they return a boolean value) are suffixed with a question mark (?).

Type Signatures

The type signatures of functions and variables are written in a pseudo-Aurora syntax. ... means that the function or variable takes a variable number of arguments.


The standard library is divided into these categories:

  • I/O: Input and output functions.
  • File: File manipulation functions.
  • String: String manipulation functions.
  • Math: Mathematical functions and constants.
  • Time: Time and date functions.
  • Type: Type checking and conversion functions.
  • List: List manipulation functions.
  • Misc: Miscellaneous functions.